“if you’re never stared into the distance then your life is a shame. and though i’ll never forget your face, sometimes i can’t remember my own name…”

I move again tomorrow. New house, better house. No leaks, no noisy neighbours.  My life is pleasing. I am happy, my friends, my family, my boyfriend, my new house. I volunteer at a place i love, and work at a place i tolerate. I drink coffee in shops in new neighbourhoods of the city on my afternoons off, browse in shops, the libraries, and sometimes galleries. I wish I had the chance to see more plays. I visit my grandmother, and go on long walks, listening to playlists i made. I read on the streetcar on the way to work. I watch video’s, and look at paint swatches for my new bedroom, and apply for better jobs. Sometimes I interview. I have sushi and wine with friends when i celebrate, and call my sister late at night, becuase it’s early there.
There are a thousand things i would change, but for now, i don’t. On a beautiful sunny morning, i love to lie in bed and read. I can’t read all day- it’s beautiful out, and the day is meant to be enjoyed. But for that moment, staying still, savouring the little things, it is bliss. This moment of my life, i call ‘lying in bed, reading a good book’. It’s not perfect, it’s not the highlight of the day, and there are more adventures to be had…but for now, i am content.

This post has inspired me. I think I will go crawl into bed with my book.

Sweet dreams are made of this…

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“It’s a silly time to learn to swim when you start to drown”

I am back at home, living, working…basically treading water until i save some money and the summer ends. Much to my surprise and delight though, things are shaping into a possibly not-so-boring next few months.

I have recently been made to put a lot of thought into what makes us who we are. To everyone who think their aspirations make them great: I truly believe we amount to nothing more than the sum of all of our actions.
Far too many behave badly, but grant themselves forgiveness because they have 'good morals' 'good values' or 'good intentions'. To them I say: You are what you've done, and what you do. Good intentions that are not lived up to do not count for anything, and we are only a sum of our actions, nothing more. Perhaps if you plan great things….then one day you will be great…but today you are what you've done, the choices you've made, and the kindness you've put out there.  Just like a Student in Law school is a student…NOT a lawyer. We cannot take credit for what we hope to do or hope to be. Own up to what we are, and don't just aspire to be great….actually DO great things…..and then you will be able to claim you are the person you may have already taken credit for.


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“memory will rust and evolve into lists, of all that you gave me…”

I am home from university yesterday. It was a f-ing hard transition, to be honest. My boyfriend, became my long distance boyfriend, my friends became my friends from other cities…my life became my past.
I moved all that was me into boxes, and packed it away, much of it for months. Le sigh…. I resolve to be future focused an positive for the rest of the month….or at least the rest of this week
cheers, to la dolce vita

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“Before you Judge Someone, Walk a Mile in their shoes. Then when you Judge them, you will be a mile away. And you will have thier shoes.”

Exams. Enough said. In one week from today, I will be back home, away from school and everything I've gotten pretty used to over the last few years. Le Sigh. No time for internet as my time is all focused on saying goodbyes, packing and studying.

Stick around for a week, and i'll have all the time in the world….sad as that sounds. Summer will be long, and then…on with life!

I saw this and thought it was sad…take you chances! Think to yourself, in 5 years from now, is the reason i hesitated still going to matter?

secret Take a chance.

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Kudos to Canadian Artists

Last week, i went to see Sarah Harmer perform. She sang 'left and leaving' by the Weakerthans, and i felt personally touched. Last week, i saw Craig Cardiff sing. I am wowed by Canadian artists. 

Back to papers. Back to trying to make something of my life. 3 and a half more weeks. maple leaf

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“Baby, if I could keep it together, don’t you think i’d try?”

I move in just over a month. Today my roomate leaves, leaving me with nothing but a dvd rack, and a chair in our livingroom. How sad. Fortunatly, the rest of the house will still be mostly intact. As i helped her box some things up last night, I couldn't help but feel the sadness i know i will feel when i pack myself up. I've lived in the same student house for 4 years. Most of my major events in the last 4 years have happened in this house. Many Firsts, and many lasts.
Soon, i'll be going home, leaving a life i've become pretty comfertable in. Everything i try to keep, will be very far away. Close friends who live so nearby, i can now visit in pyjama's, will be a phone call, or a planned visit. A boyfriend, in another city… At least for now.
I am excited for what is to come, but to be honest, I am shocked at the sadness i am beginning to feel about leaving this home.

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“Sometimes you’re the Windsheild. Sometimes You’re the Bug”

We’ll see how tonight goes. I have this theory, that people are obsessed with being involved. I am part of an event tonight. An event which protests violence against women and children in our sometimes quite sad society. Sadly, a local group has taken on the belief that this protest is their fight, so they are fighting back. They have come to believe that we are protesting THEM, rather than an issue of public violence, and so they are fighting back.
I know many women personally who have been the victims of violence. So we are working against violence, and they are working against us. It’s surprising to find someone working against you on an issue you thought was so one-sided. Are there people out there who will work against me, if i fight to end world hunger? the Pro-hunger people? well…probably….maybe the meat production companies? Not sure…
What about if i worked towared eductating children? Do many people protest that? Possibly those who don’t want to be taxed for education. SO maybe you can never win. That’s a sad thoguht to absorb.
In this instance, i don’t really believe anyone is pro- violence, but rather stuck on the notion that we are targeting them in this action. Unless they themselves are violent against Women and Children, then they need to calm down. I wish i could find a way to speak to these people, better explain the situation, and hope for some sort of mutual understanding. Instead, i do what i can to change what i believe to be important in our world. We can’t make everyone hear us, and i refuse to yell, so i will settle on getting the positive feedback i can, speaking to an issue i think needs attention. We can only hope it gets heard.

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Lazy Hazy Crazy Sunday

This week has been more hectic that you can imagine. School school school school…it’s raining down on me. It’s been hard keeping up, but I’ve still been able to find the time to go on walks, and have a drink with friends. Last semester will do that to you, I guess. People are struggling to finish strong, but we all want to make the most of our time, because 6 weeks until moving day, baby! Scary.

Off I go, back to work. Again. Although soon I get to break for dinner at the boy’s place, and Grey’s Anatomy with the roommate. Mmmm….Sunday’s. Sunday’s would be perfect if not for that pesky Monday being right around the corner.

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Spread a little sunshine


“It’s gonna be a bright, bright and sunshiny day…”

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A World of Judgement

Is it better to do something than nothing? Activism. Many people in my life these days are taking a stand. Some are fighting the big fight, and others are fighting the little day-to-day stuff that they feel and know is wrong. Sadly, neither have gotten much support. Those on the battlefield are quietly congratulated by supporters, but no one is willing to stand beside them. People today seem to be too scared to take a stand. Scared (I believe) that someone will see them, hear them, or, god forbid, disagree with them. Scared to be different or be judged.

Instead, it seems, the people are happy to sit on the sidelines and impart this judgement on others. They judge those who ARE active for their ideals, too scared to voice their own. The only way in which we hear their voice, is in judgement.

There is also the approach of tackling a smaller, less controversial issue. These people, it seems, are attacked for thinking small. “With all there is going on in the world, they take issue with this?” Yet the Judges do not step forward, they do not take interest. They impart their judgement on others, adding to the stigma against activism, hurting those fighting at the top, and discouraging those who start with a small step of activism by telling them they chose something useless.

I beg of the world to speak up, right a wrong, and work towards change, but sadly, I feel far too often that my words are drowned out by the judgement of others. Those sitting, watching, not participating- Judging. Like an audience member at a talent show, who criticizes each new act. Have they ever done any better? Have they ever even tried?

When I watch a talent show, I respect each person to get on stage. Simply stepping into the forum takes guts. We should celebrate each and every person who tries. Instead, people sit back, snicker, and criticize.

I congratulate each and every talent, and each and every opinion. Even if I don’t agree with you, you command more respect than those opinions heard only through the judgement of others.

Take a stand. “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for everything”

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